Sunday, January 19, 2014

Join the new gTLD Revolution!

The way you think about domain names as a business opportunity is about to change radically, with the upcoming launch of hundreds of new gTLDs! We at IcloudJunction aim to help you understand what ‘new gTLDs’ are and how you can leverage them to get maximum profit from your business.

New gTLDs – The Game Changers

Over 200 Million Domain names registered on just 22 gTLDs- Availability crunch - Long domain names - Domain extensions adding no value to domain nameICANN announces hundreds of shorter, more relevant & recognizable new TLDs- Increase your revenue with the launch of 700+ gTLDs - Reduce lead wastage on your website

With 45 new gTLDs ready to be launched in their Sunrise Period on 16th January, 2014, there are some truly exciting times ahead!

Here is how customers benefit:

With new gTLDs your customers can register domains that are:
  • More relevant
  • Shorter and easy-to-remember
  • Better categorized (by industry, reputation etc.)
  • Reflective of and contributing to a coherent brand identity
  • Enhanced credibility – in case of industry specific extensions that verify documentation
Registering a domain under a TLD with the above advantages can help boost their market exposure and give them a competitive edge.
For example, why let customer settle for, when we can offer him or, or even!

Introducing the Wishlist for new gTLDs:

While customers can apply to register trademarked domain names during the Sunrise phase, they can also make use of our 'wishlist feature' to keep track of the launch progress of each new gTLD and the availability of their desired domain name(s). Customers just need to follow these two easy steps:
  1. Enter domain name and select the extensions they are interested in
  2. Save them to their Wishlist
Customers' requests will be automatically tracked and they will be alerted about the launch of their desired extensions.

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