Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Comodo Positive vs. Essential SSL: What's the Difference?

Comodo Positive and Comodo Essential SSLs are extremely popular products for customers around the world. Their popularity stems from their low cost and ease of issuance, since both certificates only require that the recipient verify they own the domain they wish to cover. Both options also provide the same level of industry standard encryption, either 128- or 256-bit. So, what exactly sets them apart? Why pay more for an Essential when you could get a Positive? The true difference lies in the site seals.
Site Seals are the brands that customers associate with safe shopping. The more recognized or trusted the site seal is, the more the customer is likely to feel safe and comfortable making a purchase on a website. Site seals are one of the main differentiators when it comes to SSL, since they have a direct effect on conversions.

The image on the left is the Site Seal provided when you purchase a Comodo PositiveSSL. As you can see, the Comodo Positive SSL comes with a branded "Positive" site seal – with the Comodo name barely visible. Many users are not aware of what SSL stands for, nor do they know that Positive SSL is a security service. The fact that ‘secured by Comodo’ is on the seal at the bottom only serves to confuse as the seal isn’t in the Comodo colors, nor does it look or feel like the same company. While companies in the industry understand that a PositiveSSL does provide industry standard encryption, your average consumer is much more trusting of a highly recognized and respected brand like Comodo.

The image on the right is the Site Seal provided when you purchase a Comodo Essential SSL. The difference is that this Site Seal prominently displays the Comodo brand and colors. Customers are more likely to trust this site seal as opposed to the one that comes with the PositiveSSL. Comodo is a much larger and more recognized web security brand than their "Positive" off-shoot. Therefore, a customer would be more likely to complete a purchase on a site that is secured with a Comodo Essential SSL, due to the site seal.

Site Seals are very important in the online business world. Without the brand, customers will not trust that their personal information is safe and they will move on to another site. Choosing your brand is not an easy or light decision as it will affect how your online shoppers and visitors behave.

Source : TheSSLStore

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